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Wine list

Hot and spicy meals can be a pairing predicament if you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. A little sparkling rose such as Pink Elephant, is frequently a better match with chilli and fragrant spices, than a full bodied red.

Many of our customers prefer a cool Kingfisher or Cobra lager and we are sure to have something to match most people’s preferences.

Colombard, Baron D’Arignac - Light and easy drinking. France. £16.95
Luna Azul Sauvignon Blanc - Passion fruit and guava. Chile. £19.95
Primi Soli, Pinot Grigio - Dry, crisp and fruity with a wonderful hint of lemon. Italy. £19.95
Cape Dream, Chenin Blanc - Stone-fruit flavours with a hint of tropical richness. South Africa. £19.95
Healy & Gray Private Cellar, Chardonnay-Viognier - Floral aromas and freshness. South Africa. £21.95
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc - Mineral citrus revealing stone fruit. New Zealand. £24.95
J. Moreau, Petit Chablis - Expressive citrus and tropical fruit. France. £30.95
Baron D’ Cabernet Sauvignon - Plummy and juicy. France. £16.95
Studio 1, Shiraz Viogniert - Ripe and rich with violet. £19.95
Luna Azul, Merlot - Cassis and liquorice. Chile. £19.95
La Grupa, Malbec - Ripe, red fruit with sweet spice hints. Argentina. £21.95
Vina Cerrada, Rioja Tempranillo - Plum and black fruits. Spain £21.95
Fontella, Chianti - Soft ripe cherries. Italy. £22.95
Healy & Gray Private Cellar, Pinotage - Dark plum and a quirky banana note. South Africa. £22.95
Chateau Beauchene Chateauneuf Du Pape - Dark fruits and spices. France. £30.95
Zinfandel Rose, white rose - Very moreish, perfect. USA. £16.95
Mateus Rose - Ripe summer fruits. Portugal. £19.95
Pirani D.O.C. Prosecco - Extra dry. Hints of apple. Italy. £19.95
Moet Ice & Imperial NV - Lifted stone fruit (Made specially to be enjoyed over ice!) France. £65.95
Veuve Clicquot Brut NV - Refined and toasty. France. £69.95

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