Restaurant open every evening 5pm - 10 pm for restaurant and takeaway, Church Street, Seaford

Takeaway menu

We offer a very varied selection of Indian cuisine for takeaway. Orders of £20 or more can be delivered free in the Seaford and Bishopstone areas.

If you are collecting your takeaway, we offer a 10% discount on orders of £15 or more.

All major credit cards are accepted

Open every Bank Holiday.

Mixed Platter £9.45
Tandoori Chicken (quarter) £5.50
Chicken Tikka £5.50
Chicken Tikka Puree £8.45
King Prawn Puree £9.45
King Prawn Butterfly £8.45
Prawn Puree £6.75
Chana or Vegetable Puree £5.45
Onion Bhajee £5.45
Samosa (meat) £5.60
Samosa (vegetable) £5.45
Sheek Kebab £7.45
Chicken Chat £6.20
Garlic Mushrooms £5.45

Marinated in olive oil and yogurt sauce with selected exotic herbs, cooked in a clay oven and served with fresh seasonal salad on a sizzler

Tandoori Chicken (half) £10.95
Chicken Tikka £10.95
Lamb Tikka £12.95
Tandoori King Prawn £17.95
King Prawn Shashlic £18.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill (with nan) £15.45
Chicken Shashlic £12.20
Panir Tikka (cheese) £10.45
Salmon Tikka £17.95

Served with nan

Chicken Tikka £12.15
Lamb £14.95
Prawn £12.45
King Prawn £17.95
Mixed Vegetable £9.45
Chicken and Prawn £12.95
Chef’s Special £14.95

Cooked with onions and tomatoes in a thick sauce, sweet and sour, a little hot. Served with pilau rice

Chicken £10.95
Lamb £14.95
Prawn £12.45
King Prawn £16.95
Chicken Tikka £11.95
Chicken and Prawn £12.95
Mixed Vegetable £9.95

Very tasty Persian dishes cooked with lentils in a thick sauce, sweet and sour. Served with pilau rice.

Chicken £10.95
Lamb £14.95
Prawn £12.45
King Prawn £16.95
Chicken Tikka £11.95
Chicken and Prawn £12.95
Mixed Vegetable £9.95

Biriany dishes are prepared with basmati rice fried with chicken, meat or prawns, etc (not hot). Served with Vegetable Curry.

Chef’s Special £14.45
Chicken £10.95
Lamb £12.95
Prawn £12.45
King Prawn £16.95
Chicken Tikka £11.45
Chicken and Prawn £12.95
Mixed Vegetable £9.95

Chef’s specials are all served with pilau rice

Chicken Tikka Masala £13.95
Tandoori Chicken Masala £13.95
Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala £13.95
Chicken Tikka Khandani £13.95
Chicken Tikka Garlic £13.95
Chicken Tikka Pasanda £13.95
Chicken Tikka Karahi £13.95
Chicken Tikka Jalfry £13.95
Chicken Tikka Kaliya £13.95
Butter Tikka Chicken £13.95
Lamb Tikka Masala £16.95
Lamb Tikka Chilli Masala £16.95
Lamb Tikka Khandani £16.95
Lamb Tikka Garlic £16.95
Lamb Tikka Pasanda £16.95
Lamb Tikka Karahi £16.95
Lamb Tikka Jalfry £16.95
Lamb Tikka Kaliya £16.95
Lamb Chop Bhuna £17.95
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £17.95
King Prawn Garlic £17.95
King Prawn Pasanda £17.95
King Prawn Karahi £17.95
King Prawn Jalfry £17.95
Salmon Dupiaza £17.95
Salmon Bhuna £17.95
Salmon Masala £17.95
Salmon Jalfry £17.95
Vegetable Masala £10.45
Panir Masala (Cheese) £11.95

Choose a classic favourite cooked in one of our eleven authentic recipes below

Chicken £8.45
Lamb £9.95
Prawn £9.45
King Prawn £15.95
Chicken Tikka £9.45
Lamb Tikka £10.95
Chicken and Prawn £10.45
Mixed Vegetable £7.50
Kurma Dishes
Cooked with mild spices, blended with coconut and fresh cream in a thick sauce
Curry Dishes
Cooked with a medium sauce
Madras Dishes
Cooked with a fairly hot sauce
Vindaloo Dishes
Cooked with potatoes in a very hot sauce
Ceylon Dishes
Fairly hot with coconut
Bhuna Dishes
Cooked with special spices and herbs with tomato and capsicum in a medium thick sauce
Rogan Dishes
Cooked with special spices and herbs in a medium thick sauce, dressed with fried tomatoes, capsicum and onions
Dupiaza Dishes
Cooked with lots of diced onions, spices and herbs in a medium thick sauce
Malaya Dishes
An aromatic dish cooked with pineapple. A fairly mild dish
Kashmiri Dishes
An aromatic dish cooked with lychees and bananas. A fairly mild dish
Sag Dishes
Cooked with spinach
Vegetable Curry £4.45
Dry Vegetables £4.45
Mushroom Bhajee £4.45
Cauliflower Bhajee £4.45
Bhindi Bhajee (okra) £4.45
Brinjal Bhajee (aubergine) £4.45
Bombay Potato (fairly hot) £4.45
Dal Masala (thick and spicy) £4.45
Dal Tarka (with lots of garlic) £4.45
Sag Bhajee (spinach) £4.45
Sag Aloo (spinach and potato) £4.95
Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potato) £4.95
Mutor Panir (chickpeas and cheese) £4.95
Sag Panir (spinach and cheese) £4.95
Onion Bhajee (side dish) £3.95
Pilau Rice (basmati) £3.25
Plain Rice (patna) £3.15
Garlic Rice £3.50
Coconut Rice £3.50
Fried Rice (with egg and onion) £3.50
Keema Rice (with mincemeat) £5.20
Mushroom Rice £3.50
Papadum £1.00
Masala Papadum £1.25
Mango, onion or mixed pickle £1.50
Plain Nan £3.25
Stuffed Nan (with vegetables) £3.50
Peshwari Nan (with raisins) £3.50
Garlic Nan £3.50
Chilli Nan £3.50
Cheese Nan £3.50
Keema Nan (with spiced mincemeat) £4.20
Roti £3.25
Paratha £3.25
Stuffed Paratha (with vegetables) £3.50
Fantastic! Enjoyed a visit in a group of 6. (My husband and I had travelled down from Leicester where there are an abundance of Curry houses).. We were all made very welcome . Pleasant surroundings. The food was superb. Definitely recommend the Bengal Palace for its vast menu and gorgeous food. Will make another visit when next in the area, for sure.
Lovely takeout Ordered take out wasn’t disappointed. Food was nice plentiful, with enough for lunch too! Chicken Tikka starter was tasty and moist and the Dansak spicy and warm. Superb.
A MUST TO VISIT IF YOU LOVE INDIAN FOOD We visited the Bengal Palace for dinner last night with friends to celebrate my birthday. We had a lovely meal which included King Prawn Korma, Butter Chicken, Harry Murgh Tikka and Chicken Chettinad with rices, bombay and crispy fried potatoes and onion bhajees. And what a beautiful feast it was. The restaurant has two menus to choose from so there is a good choice for everyone, including lovely vegetarian dishes as well. The service is excellent and we are always so well looked after. All in all we had a great evening so thank you to everyone at the Bengal Palace for making my birthday so enjoyable. Kathi and Mike.
Excellent meal Really tasty meal. Extensive menu with some more unusual choices as well as the more standard options.
Charlotte D
Charlotte D
Really Nice Came across this by accident when the place we were originally going to was close. Really pleased we did. The menu is extensive and varied. Food beautifully cooked, some of the meat was actually melting when eaten. Very clean, especially the toilets. We came last minute and didn’t need to book- but it may be required at peak times.
Superb We visited on our last night in Seaford and were not disappointed The staff were very friendly and the service was excellent The menu has a wide range of curries and other meals I had chicken patia which was very tasty and had a good kick of spice, my wife had a king prawn puree and said it was the best she had ever had The restaurant is nicely decorated and very clean with staff complying with covid restrictions We would thoroughly recommend the restaurant and would visit without hesitation if we were in the area again
Brandon B
Brandon B
Excellent restaurant Came here while I was working away and had a chicken corma it was lovely, chicken fell apart in my mouth. The sauce was sweet and delicious and the nan bread was lovely highly recommended going here!!
Wendy B
Wendy B
The restaurant is lovely but this visit the food was not great We returned to the restaurant as the food was do tasty and could not fault anything. We went for a short break to Eastbourne and decided we must return to Seaford for a curry. We returned on Thursday 10th September and were so looking forward to the lovely food. Oh what a let down the dansak tasted more like a tikka mussala and was so sweet I could not eat it. A really disappointing evening. It was like eating sugar no flavour no spice just awful. It was even worse as we had to take a mage detour to get to the restaurant from Eastbourne due to an accident but we felt it would be worth it but sadly it was not.
Delicious! Delcious selection of curries, friendly staff and very generous portions. A must visit in Seaford, thank you
Wendy B
Wendy B
The food was really tasty. The staff were well spoken and attentive. Food excellent. Staff polite well spoken and attentive. Would visit again. The restaurant was clean and service excellent. Will visit again.

To order a takeaway or contact us please phone 01323 899077