Many of the dishes available on the special Adventure in Taste menu have been inspired by the produce and traditional cooking methods of Bangladesh, a country of around 700 rivers and great beauty. There is a fascinating history and every river has a story. Amongst the lush countryside and paddy fields the people and their traditions are as vibrant and colourful as their wildlife and countryside.

This land of water, rivers, sea and rain, is exceptionally green and very beautiful. It does however experience the problems of climate change with rising river levels from the melting glaciers of the Himalayas, monsoons and frequent floods. The agriculture is important and with the floods the mountains wash down the rich silt to replenish deposits for another round of crops.

Over the past few years the United Nations have been working with the government to manage natural resources with better water management and crops resistant to climate change. This had lead to increased fish stock, floating gardens, more abundant crops for local markets improving livelihoods and incomes so that children can go to school.

If we have tempted you with our tales of Bangladesh natural resources, please ask for the Adventure in Taste menu when you next visit.

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