Colours of the world – spice up your life’, well known lyrics of the Spice Girls’ 1997 hit single sums up many a special celebration at the Bengal Palace in Seaford.

Beautifully prepared exotic and fragrant dishes, in all the colours of the world, are just the perfect answer to a special anniversary or birthday. Whether a small family party, an intimate dinner for two or a group of friends, there is something for everyone from the restaurant’s varied menus of over 100 different Indian dishes.

Let your imagination run wild and order a stunning selection of starters that would grace the tables of the rich and famous.

Spicy hot balls of white fish (Kola) deep fried in a delicate batter and served with a gorgeous chutney; strips of calamari (Balchao) stir fried with a sour Goan sauce; Mysore Chilli Prawns, lightly battered prawn pieces tossed with spring onions, tomatoes and green chilli.

Your main courses could comprise a meat or vegetarian Thali, served on Indian Silver; the sizzling Kadhai lamb with tenderised chops or Duck Xacuti, slices of duck in a classic full flavoured spicy curry with roasted star aniseed, javitri and fenugreek seeds with special Goan red chillies, coconut and cinnamon.

There are many more ideas on the Adventure in Taste menu or, book a table, and come and see for yourself.

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